Plug3D (WPF)

Plug3D is a WPF application built with Interior Designing in mind. This application implements my Plug Framework to extend the feature set. Currently it works only with 2D objects but soon it would have 3D features built into it.

Here is an early build of this application. All the elements found in the bottom strip comes from Plugs (plugins) using my Plug Framework!!!
[ Keep in mind this is pre-Alpha version and the UI itself is not complete. But spec sheet is complete in my brains ] Tongue out

Short spec sheet Smile
There is a feature in Plugs (don't forget to check out my "Plug Framework") to have an icon & an PNG image for each of the Plugs. Those PNG images get loaded to show the bottom carousel in the above UI.  Each Plug returns a XAML Canvas which return the object generated by the Plug which can have it's own unique UI built into the Plug



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