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This idea involves 2 applications
1. Client application which helps you to upload user photo inside Active Directory
2. Contact Card Application (it was initially started out as Outlook 2007 Add-in) which works as a client interface to view the photo along with the other contact details
Applicaton written in C# to facilitate uploading of photos to Active Directory
This sample use jpegPhoto attribute available in Active Directory (which is a standard attribute according to LDAP)

There are 2 ways to upload a photo to Active Directory

Single Upload
- Provide 'User Alias'
- Select your photo
- Hit button called "Set Image in AD"

Bulk Upload
- Select a folder where photos are available
- Make sure images are named as <aliasname>.jpg
- Hit button called "Bulk Update"

Outlook 2007 Addin screenshots (Look n feel would change later...)
This addin would also have a configuration option to take the photos from a configured UNC path instead of AD (for more flexibility).

This UI is built separately to either work with the Outlook Addin or as a standalone utility triggered through System Tray icon
[ Keep in mind this application does not have any direct dependency with Outlook since it uses direct AD related API's ]



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