IIS7 - Mobile Admin

IIS7 Mobile Admin is a mobile administration application to manage IIS7 remotely using the Web Browser on your mobile phone.


What are the features available in this release (called R1)?
Search Application Pools & Web Sites

  • Application Pool
    • Show Requests (Top 10 requests sorted in descending order of 'Time Elapsed')
    • Show Applications
    • Recycle Application Pool
    • TODO:Your wishes...
  • Web Sites
    • Show Configuration (Show all bindings for the website)
    • Start Website
    • Stop Website
    • TODO:Your wishes

Why IIS7 Mobile Admin (Scenario)
This sample shows how compelling it has become to build applications using .NET, LINQ technologies combined with IIS7 managed API's.
I follow "keep-it-simple" guidelines when I write samples or prototypes so if you look through the source for this project the same reflects in there!

So lets talk about the scenario in which this could be extremely helpful.
Assume that you are a webserver admin and you have a lot of websites running on the server you manage. It's Christmas time and you are having a wonderful time with your family. You cell phone rings and on the other side is your customer screaming since their e-commerce website where people are shopping for Christmas is down.

In such scenarios you would have to reach for your computer, connect to the server through VPN and restart the application pool so that the site is back running atleast as a quick fix for Christmas. Now in this scenario if you are not at home or you cannot reach your computer you might've to drive to office to just recycle the application pool for the website.

You don't need to run to office or even reach your computer anymore with "IIS7 Mobile Admin" you can do this and more from your Internet connected Cell Phone.



Q. Why not use WMSVC to get the same functionality as the webcore service?
A. How to use WMSVC to build an alternate client is not published. AFAIK, there are some more dependencies like AHAAdmin which gets used for remoting.

Q. Why is it not built as Windows Mobile Application?
A. Managing and updating client application would be difficult and also controlling such an application would be easier when it's web based.

Q. Will 'IIS7 Mobile Admin' replace desktop version of IIS manager?
A. No. 'IIS7 Mobile Admin' is built to have a subset of features which are crutial for Web server administrators. Reduced functionality is also to reduce security issues.
    If you think there is some functionality which you need, please provide the feedback on codeplex project discussion.

Q. Does it work for all form factors?
A. Currently it's set for 320x240 resolution, but thats just for ease of development for me. Please provide different resolutions you have for the phone to test it.

Q. Can I run this web application as an IIS7 website?
A. Yes. You can run this as an IIS website on IIS7 server (Vista/Windows 2008) but I would suggest to isolate it into a separate application pool.

Q. Do I need to provide high priviledge account for this application pool?
A. This web application runs under "Network Service" or "Local Service" but the administration code get executed using the logged-in administrator credentials using impersonation.

Q. How does the authentication work for this application?
A. This application uses Windows Credentials (Windows Authentication or Basic Authentication)

Q. What if I want to access this application from internet?
A. If you intent to have it accessible from internet, you need to use Basic Authentication but please also impliment SSL for the site.

Get the source from http://www.codeplex.com/iis7mobileadmin/

Please don't forget to provide your feedback, opinions, suggestions and also ideas on codeplex.


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