Debug Diag Analyzer

This application has evolved to be called "Debug Analyzer.NET" check it at  

Debug Diag Analyzer is a complete UI developed in managed code. It also enables users to do the following 3 things broadly

  • Write Managed code for analysis using Plug Framework
  • Live Debug with color coded formatting
  • Browse the memory dump file to review the structures and data available

To make the reporting easier this application facilitates easy and simple XML tags which would automagically do the formatting for you (under the hood it uses XSL).

Following XML markup which generates the above shown report.

  <title>Heap Information</title>
  <!--Issue/Resolution comes below this portion-->
  <issue>Found Heap Corruption</issue>
  <resolution>Please Enable page heap and configure DebugDiag for crash dump</resolution>
    <boldline>Crashing Thread # 13</boldline>
    <dataline>0x00000005 0x00000005 0xffffffff kernel32!RtlAllocateHeap</dataline>
    <dataline>0x00000005 0x00000005 0x00000005 kernel32!ThreadStart</dataline>
    <graphline color="red" percent="30%">msvcrt.dll - 30%</graphline>
    <graphline color="blue" percent="70%">msvbvm6.dll - 70%</graphline>
    <graphline color="orange" percent="50%">abc.dll - 50%</graphline>








Unique features compared to Windbg

  • Formatted output window for easy reading
  • Save output to .DOC format with formatting for reviewing later
  • Save frequently used or complicated commands as "Command Macro"
  • Auto-complete for all commands and "Command Macro" starts with the following character `
  • Debug Extensions using managed code
  • Data visualization (planned for later)

Here is a screenshot of Live Debug UI

Browse memory dump file

This application is in the works (slow due to time constraints) but if I see more interest through blog comments I can speed up development!


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