post-icon After installing MS07-045 Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer - CreateObject call fails with 8000ffff

date September 19, 2007 14:38 by author newuser09876
We have noticed an issue of CreateObject call failure after installing MS07-045 IE update. This issu... [More]

post-icon How to Check certificate expiry for webserver (IIS) certificates using script

date September 13, 2007 19:40 by author newuser09876
Although the title says webserver certificates the script is not limited to webserver certificates o... [More]

post-icon Redirecting from http to https in IIS7 (http2https Updated)

date September 6, 2007 00:07 by author newuser09876
I had written a sample to redirect all http traffic to https (secure) in September 2006 http://blogs... [More]

post-icon Redirecting from http to https in IIS7

date September 4, 2006 07:20 by author Sukesh Ashok Kumar
I was thinking to write an HttpModule for IIS7 and wanted a simple, useful and easily understandable... [More]


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