post-icon IIS7 Mobile Admin

date March 5, 2008 12:32 by author newuser09876
I've been thinking about this pet project for sometime. But due to some unforeseen circumstances... [More]

post-icon MSN Cartoon Beta (cool way to create smiley's from photos)

date July 15, 2007 23:55 by author newuser09876
Recently I stumbled upon a discussion on facial recognition and creating models from them. Came to k... [More]

post-icon How to reuse contacts from Live Messenger in Vista?

date July 15, 2007 23:35 by author newuser09876
Assume that you have a lot of contacts on Live Messenger which you would like to use in different ap... [More]

post-icon Creating video of your cool application

date March 17, 2007 01:09 by author newuser09876
I have seen people using a number of tools to create screen captures of thier cool application for d... [More]

post-icon What is Windows Vista Sideshow?

date January 29, 2007 21:33 by author newuser09876
I read a lot of news and comments about Windows Vista Sideshow. Several comments are in the lines of... [More]

post-icon IE7 & Search provider for Microsoft Support Knowledge Base

date November 1, 2006 01:06 by author Administrator
I love cool stuff and this IE7 feature belongs to that category.  IE7 has a search feature... [More]


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